I live and create at Lyrebird Gully Studio in the spectacular Hawkesbury River region of NSW.

I studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design and during my early career I worked in art studios and advertising agencies. My background as a Graphic Designer and passion for our natural environment heavily influences my bodies of work, most of which are about the Australian landscape and its flora and bird life.

The main focus of my art practise is mixed media collage using traditionally made "Hanji" mulberry papers, water colours and gouache.

All my works begin with photography and graphite or watercolour field sketches most of which are collected on my travels.

I feel that the intense colours of the pure pigments combined with the organic textures of the mulberry paper evokes the power of the Australian landscape with vivid colours, textural layering and gestural finishes. 

You will usually find bird or botanical details in gouache in my works.

As well as works on paper and canvas I am also passionate about handcrafting with natural fibres, creating the unique and whimsical Gillteacosies and handcrafted natural fibre vessels.


Solo Exhibitions:     Putting Down Roots at St Albans Gallery NSW 2002 

                                    Along the French Line Sassafras Creek Gallery Kurrajong NSW 2012;

                                    Rock Gardens Rosebank Art Gallery Guesthouse Millthorpe NSW 2016 

                                    Looking into tiny Landscapes Indigo Vineyard Beechworth Vic 2017

                                    From East to West Tootsie Fine Art and Design Yass NSW 2018.

Duo exhibitions:     Confluence with Nicola Coady ceramicist Art Studios Gallery Gosford NSW 2017 

                                    Shifting Perspectives with Penelope Oates Gallery 503 Lilyfield NSW 2018.

Group exhibitions: Women of St Albans St Albans Gallery NSW 2001 to 2009

                                    Hawkesbury Regional Gallery Art Fair 2015, 2017, 2019 

                                    Hawkesbury Artist and Artisan Trail 2017 & 2018

                                    Ferry Artists Gallery Wisemans Ferry NSW- exhibiting member

                                    Rosebank Guesthouse and Gallery Millthorpe NSW- contributing artist

I am available to discuss commissions or join me in my studio for a Text and Texture workshop.




Sisters White Gum

What will come


Sentinel in Barkandji Country