Always created from reference to the Australian landscape, each original artwork develops an energy and spirit of its own.

I use traditional mulberry and tissue papers with watercolours to layer colour and depth and then complete each work using gouache for the details.  All works on paper are matt-boarded and framed and stretchered canvases are varnished for preservation and presentation.

For enquiries about sales please contact me.  Please click on a thumbnail to see the full image and then scroll through the gallery.  

Patricks Wattle
Epicormic #2
The Evening and the Grey Gums
Evening glow through the burnt forest 2
Evening glow through the burnt forest 3.
Blacked out #1
Blacked Out #2
After the wildfire #1
After the wildfire #2
After the wildfire #3
Uluru Series Mala Track Cave
The Gorge Uluru
Little Lori
Rainbow Flight
The tangle by the creek
Competing for height
Conffusion in the canopy
Shoenia Meadow
Mt Augustus Foxglove
Xanthorrea Watagans
Red Gums Royal
Wetland series- Black Swan
Wetland series- Purple Swamphen
Wetland series- Pacific Heron